The Hair Game on Grey’s Anatomy

by kcurly on October 3, 2014

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I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan. It’s corny sometimes, the patient cases are a little too convenient to the main characters personal problems, the doctors do everything that the nurses usually do, and I get a little tired of everyone sleeping around…but this is a show that I continue to tune into season after season.

One problem I’ve always had with Grey’s was its lack of African American female leads. We have Bailey, who started out as a powerful character. She was one of the few I could think about without shaking my head. However, Bailey, like everyone at Seattle-Grace-Mercy-West-Grey-Sloan hospital, fell into the trap of whining about relationships, sleeping with men in oncall rooms, and performing activities beyond the scope of her medical practice after having an emotional breakdown.

But that was fine. Maybe the AA women who watched the show wanted Bailey to be a more desirable character who had her own flings every once and awhile.

What I couldn’t tolerate…were Bailey’s wigs.

Bailey pre-wig

 I can’t remember in what previous seasons Bailey wore a wig though I know it’s been off and on. I absolutely hated it!

Now, I start watching season 11 and there’s a blasted wig again. I’m not at all against wigs and weaves on actresses. I just wish they’d given her something better. It looks like they went down to the local beauty supply store, plopped down a 20 dollar bill, and asked for whatever they had off the rack. Grey’s Anatomy is a pretty popular show even after 10 seasons. I know they can get Bailey a high class wig or weave!

Bailey Season 11 Wig

I am not, by any means, anti wig. And I probably have one that looks like that in my stash somewhere. But doggone it, I’m not on TV.

Okay. Okay. I’m done with that.

So back to the subject of  black female leads on Grey’s. We had Kimberly Elise for a bit but she was a pretty distant (and dare I say a bit mean?) character that only stuck around for a few episodes.

Then came season 9. Stephanie Edwards, played by Jerrika Hinton, was one of the dreaded interns who I at first hated. It was nothing person. All of the interns got on my nerves. But even while I hated her character, I still admired all that lovely hair!!


I’m not sure if she’s currently natural, but her hair is thick and lush. She was a major love interest until things went south (of course) but she’s still in the show and hopefully will remain.

Fast forward to this most current season and we have another brown skinned beauty enter. Maggie Pierce, played by  Kelly McCreary, was an unwelcome addition at the end of last season. I was grieving, as were most Grey’s fans, over the loss of Christina Yang and Maggie was her replacement. Then when the cliff hanger of her being Meredith’s sister came out in the finale, I was too through.

ANOTHER sister? How many half siblings does Meredith need to have? I tuned in the first episode of the latest season dubiously. Mostly I wanted to warn her new sister to get out of town because anyone related to Meredith Grey seems to die a horrible and tragic death. She was…okay…in the first episode, but last night’s episode made me fall in love with the character.

In the second episode of the season, we learn more about Maggie. She is knowledgeable, smart, optimistic (not annoyingly so), but also vulnerable. I thought she was a push over, but she seems to be anything but. And best of all, she has great natural hair.  Kudos to Shondra Rhimes for this addition.

Please don’t kill her in a plane/trane/gurney crash. Thanks.


“It’s Okay” …But It Really Is.

by kcurly on September 30, 2014

in Mommyhood,Weight Loss

Sometime last summer, I did an update on my weight loss. The baby weight after my third child has been the hardest to shake. Add to the fact that I was slightly overweight to begin with and we have a real issue.

A few months ago, I stepped on the scale after a long self weighing hiatus only to pull a Florida Evans.

Damn, damn, damn indeed.

I was 10 lbs heavier than my ultra heavy weight of last July.

What in the world happened?

It wasn’t a lack of exercise. I’d actually completed a duathlon this past April. It consisted of 3 miles running, 16 miles biking, and 3 miles running after that.

“Surely if anything would get the weight off, this will!” I thought as I signed up.

I sat down, made a list of goals and a hardcore workout schedule. A good friend of mine was going to do it with me, it was for a great cause, the weather was perfect that day, and it was probably the worst racing experience of my life.

I will try to write a race report later but I will say my only saving grace is that I was able to complete it.

You may ask how my training went for this event. Well, it went horribly. As I may have mentioned before, my workout schedule revolves around childcare (or lack thereof), my homeschooling duties, and everything else in my life. I generally would beg a friend to watch my children while I hurriedly rode my bike, or I’d drag myself to the gym to do an hour of running/walking after getting my kids to bed, only to come home exhausted and get up in the morning with my littlest darling (he wakes up at 5am!).This exhaustion would lead to me being so sleepy that I’d not be able to get up early enough to hit the running trails or gym.

Blah, blah, blah. Everyone has things that get in the way of being fit. And that thing is life. :) But I digress.

The excess weight, which I still hadn’t dropped due to not curbing my eating, only slowed me down more. I finished dead last.

If you’ve ever told me how bummed out you were that you finished last in a race, I must apologize if I replied “well at least you finished!”. It is truly a humbling experience. I mean, I’ve never won any races but I never, ever thought I’d come in last.

After that experience, I realized that I was once again caught in an unhealthy cycle. My husband has told me before that I’m an all or nothing type of person. I must concede that, in some ways, that is true. When I do something, I want to put my whole self into it. I don’t like doing things half assed.

Typically, when I get on these kicks, I sit down and make up these goals and schedules of workouts, and meals. It works out for awhile and I truck along for the first week or so. Eventually, I’ll miss a workout due to being up all night with a teething, screaming baby. Or I will not hit my running distance goal due to time constraints. This leads to depression and dissapointment in myself, which leads to me slacking off big time (because what’s the use, right?) until I restart once again with high expectations.

One night, I was at my regular gym (my membership includes access to a 24 hour gym but I prefer the main gym because it has more equipment) and I’d gotten there late due to things beyond my control. I’d set a certain distance goal on the  bike that I thought would take around an hour but only had about 40-45 minutes until they closed. I was stressing myself out. I felt my eyes tearing up while on the bike.

And then I said to myself “It’s okay”.

I thought of my middle child. My 3 year old daughter will often get herself into a frenzy over something minor. Or at least it is minor to her 33 year old mama.

  • Her baby brother touched her Play Doh.
  • A piece of her animal cracker fell on the floor.
  • She has to go potty while watching Daniel Tiger but she doesn’t want to miss anything.

These things upset her a lot, especially when they seem to happen consecutively. On a grander scale (or maybe not so grand!) I can relate.

Sometimes, she needs a little convincing from Mama that things will be alright. “Well, we can get more animal crackers, can’t we?” or “Brother didn’t hurt your Play Doh when he touched it, right?”

She nods.

“So it’s okay?”

Nodding, she says “It’s okay.”

Thinking of my daughter in these situations, I had a minor epiphany on the stationary bike that night. And it was “It’s okay”.

It’s okay that I will only get to work out 45 minutes instead of an hour.

It’s okay that I ate meat today when it was Meatless Monday.

It’s okay that I went 100 calories over goal today.

It’s okay that I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and won’t be able to hit the gym tonight.

It’s okay that I bought a double jogging stroller only to discover that my 3 year old and 1 year old throw  hour long fits in it because they want to run like Mama.

I know that it sounds like giving up. It’s not. It’s accepting that sometimes things happen. Me accepting those things doesn’t have to mean defeat, something I am quick to claim.

I may be defeated for that day or for that workout, but I am not defeated. This can and will happen, but I have to give myself some grace.

“It’s ok” doesn’t meant I will go into slacker mode. In fact, I got up this morning and ran 3 miles before the kids got up. However, had my baby awoken as I was headed out of the door to go run…and that has happened!…it would not be an excuse to beat myself up.

“It’s ok” also means that if I have healthy practices in place, those workouts that fall through or those days when I eat more than I needed to won’t be such a terrible strike against me.

One healthy habit that I seem to have down is incorporating healthy meals into our family diet. My kids and hubby enjoy lasagna. Unforuntely, lasagna is one of the unhealthiest things you can eat! So how did I try to make this meal a little better?

I used whole grain, higher fiber lasagna noodles. I made my own tomato sauce. I added chunks of squash, tomato and some spinach. I used ground turkey instead of beef and pork. If I do say so myself, it turned out pretty well and it was a hit.

Anyway, if you got through all of this whining and self reflection, thanks for reading. I plan to do a fitness/health post pretty often even if things aren’t going so well.

But today is a good day. And for now I’m happy with that :)

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