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by kcurly on December 16, 2008

in Transitioning into a NewlyNatural

My transition was quite a whirlwind of misinformation and product usage gone awry. But one thing that I learned was to love the twist out! That is what I mostly did during my transitoning, along with flat ironing my hair. Of course now I know that there are a lot more styling options out there, but I will always love the twist out.

I’d do pretty big twists on wet hair, let it air dry overnight, and then separate the twists into 2 or 3 each. This would last about 2 days if I tied it down well at night. After it started looking ragged I would just comb (either with a widetoothed comb or loosely with my fingers) it out to get a super huge wild looking twist out.

Fresh Twist Out-Transitioning

Wild Twistout

Wild Twist Out- Front

Wild Twist Out - Back

Wild Twist Out - Back

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