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by kcurly on March 22, 2009

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Ok that’s a lame title and I’ll have to come up with snazzier one, but it will do for now. I figured I’d start answering some questions on the blog that I recieve in emails in case more of you have the same questions.

From Melinda:

Kcurly, I don’t understand, I am kinda new at this whole blogging computer thing but I have a question please, when people, such as yourself have a fotki site, what is the purpose of it if everything is all locked down and locked up???? I thought that it was for inspiration via photo sharing???? I am confused.

Melinda, fotki is for sharing photos and inspiration. However, many ladies on the hair care scene choose to lock their albums for safety reasons. It just makes me feel more comfortable to have a password on my album so as to not have to worry about, um, let’s say people who really aren’t interested in hair viewing. I noticed in my visitors list that I had a lot of strange visitors.

I know album locking is a big deal for some people. People don’t like asking for passwords. That’s fine. In that case they move on to open albums. If you really want to see someone’s album who has a password, then simply ask in that person’s guestbook and they will more than likely get back to you.

For those of you who want my pw, please email me or if you have a fotki account you can ask me on fotki. My fotki album may not be up for very much longer as I’m thinking about creating some type of album linked to Newly Natural.

Fotki is also changing and starting to charge for more services that were once free. I think that locking albums is no longer available, but my folders are still locked. If they take away locking folders, then I may have to delete my fotki account. They have also taken away a detailed visitor’s list for free.

I’m not mad at Fotki, it’s their right. Beggars can’t be choosy :)

From V:

Hi KCurly!

I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I am transitioning to natural (~2 inches of new growth) and it is very helpful to read words of wisdom from someone who has already transitioned. Keep up the good writing!

I have one question that you may not know, but I thought it doesn’t hurt to ask. I have been trying the “no shampoo” thing for the past couple of months and I’ve noticed that when I wash my hair it feels sticky, like I’m not getting all the buildup out. Have you ever experienced something like this or know someone who has?

V, thanks for the email!! It sounds like you may need to clarify especially if you are using products that have silicones, beeswax, or mineral oil as these can buildup in your hair. Even if you’re not using those, you can still have buildup.  Here are some informative articles on silicones (and here ) from Naturally Curly. It is said that silicones can only be removed by sulfate shampoos.I, however, have had luck using not-so-diluted castile soap.

As you may know I don’t use silicones on a regular basis (or hardly at all) so I rarely use shampoo except when my hair feels like there is some buildup. I stopped using silicones because I would feel that buildup and hard hair all too often,which lead to me using shampoo often, which lead to dry, unhappy hair.

If you are not using silciones, and you don’t want to use shampoo, you may want to try washing with baking soda or castile soap. Some people also swear by ACV rinses for clarifying, but I don’t feel that it does the job for me. If you do decide to use a shampoo, make sure you deep condition with a moisturizing DC.

You can still cowash, and just shampoo/castile soap/baking soda, whenever you feel you are having some buildup. I hope that helps!

And a comment from Melinda:

Thank you for the great tips, now, back to the twa people, my hair is not long enough yet for the 2 strand twist, I would resemble a 1st cousin or brother of character bukwheat if I wore twist right now,!!! so, again, where is the help for us with a twa????

I plan on doind a more indepth TWA post, but for now here is a wonderful article from Texture Playground about TWAs that I enjoyed.

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