Paper or Plastic?

by kcurly on March 6, 2009

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For this particular activity, you prolly want plastic!

I no longer purchase plastic caps because I have substitutes readily available to me every time I go to the grocery store: a plastic bag.

Modeling a bag for ya'll!

Nice and secure in the back

The handles are in the front. I tie a loose knot with the handles, push all of the air out of the bag, and then tuck the knot in the front above my forehead. I sometimes wrap a towel around it.

So the next time you need to DC, just go dig around in that drawer or cabinet where you keep extra grocery bags and plop it on your head! I know plastic caps are cheap, but in today’s economy every cent counts. Also, it’s better for the environment to find an additional use for all of those plastic bags.

If you’ve got a big surplus, remember that a lot of grocery stores offer recycling for plastic bags right there i the store! Happy deep conditioning ladies!



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  • ljkelly

    What a great idea! Plus, it is great for the environment! :)

  • MoZaic

    I do the same thing and my friends laugh at me so much!!! I love my little grocery bag caps they are inexspensive and easy to use. So baggie on sistah!!!

  • Copa-canary

    I used to do this too when I was in college. It’s a really creative idea. Now since I use the plastic bags for my mini trash cans (lol!) I get the shower caps that can be purchased at walgreens or CVS for 99 cents and use that to deep condition. I am not certain about the material (kind of a matte finish, doesn’t feel like plastic) but it is durable and they last a year, although I would probably switch after 6 months. I just rinse it after each deep condition, rinse it with a sulfate shampoo maybe once a month, and turn it inside out to dry.

  • Tashina

    No can do for me. I have to have plastic caps. I just bought a 100 pack from Sally’s that should last me a loooooonnnngggg time.

  • BekkaPoo

    Hehe.. I do the same now too. I have one on my head as we speak for my henna treatment.

  • Efe

    I love this idea! It’s perfect for a broke college student like me.

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