“Twist N Clip” Headband

by kcurly on March 18, 2009

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Oh my gosh, it’s funny how things that seem like such  a good idea at one point end up being such a major mistake. I’d had my eye on this headband at Claire’s for a long time.

It’s called a Twist n Clip Headband. The premise is that you can take small sections in the front, twist them, and then secure them in the clip. I finally went ahead and bought it. I did a wash n go today and it was great at first. Then several things happened:

  • My hair started to dry. And pretty much covered up most of the head band. Or rather, it ate it.Notice you can only see 2 or 3 clips. I pulled it back more, thinking that would help. It did not.


Cant even see it, can you?

Cant even see it, can you?

  • That sucker tried to eat my hair. As I was removing it, those tiny teeth that sounded so great on the back of the package for securing the hair became my worse nightmare. Really, why was I surprised?
  • It had the nerve to break! I had flashbacks to breaking my combs upon first going natural. Oh well. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. The score? My hair: 3; Twist N Clip: 0

Six bucks down the drain



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  • afrikurl

    I would take that sucka back. broken and all. 6 dollars that lasted half of a day. heckie naw!

  • Maria

    I bought 2 of those at Claire’s and I loved it. I used to do it on dry hair and/or straight hair when I was nape and shoulder length. I think you should try again but when you’ve used a maxiglide. Oh and mine broke too!

  • http://www.textureplayground.com/blog Fleurzty

    You had me cracking up! I don’t wear headbands because honestly I always get a headache from them, no avoiding it!

  • http://bronzetrinity.blogspot.com Bronze Trinity

    The way you wrote about that made it funny. Little clips and combs are a nightmare! It looked cute though.

  • http://allnaptural.blogspot.com Laquita

    Yeah I agree with afrikurl – I would take it back. Lol@the hair eating the headband. When I’m at Claire’s I head straight to the headband section – if the headbands are loose – no tags, or not bound together I try them on and wear them around the store :o) – they also have some cute flower clips – you could trade that headband in for some of those.

  • http://lechelle2009.blogspot.com/ Lechelle

    lol…Last month, I broke two headbands in a week.

  • http://blackgirllonghair.blogspot.com black girl with long hair

    LOL!!!! this was a great/funny post. yeh, i’ve been amazed at how few accessories i can actually put in my hair :( little spikes just don’t work with napps & curls.

  • marci

    i actually love this headband. it looks as if you might have tried to put too much hair into each clip. i also have thick hair, so i cant do all of my hair, but most of it. also, i am white, so my hair is a different type than yours, that might make a difference as well. as my hair dries it doesnt really expand likes yours did.

  • cole

    i think the success of this headband is based on your type of hair. i have straight hair and this headband is the most amzing thing for my hair. i wish i could find more like it…

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