Representing Natural/Curly Cartoons Part 2

by kcurly on April 15, 2009

in Curly cartoons

Iradissa- The Disney Fairies

This little faerie, a part of the fairly new franchise “The Disney Fairies” is voiced by Raven-Symone in the film Tinkerbelle. She is a perfectionist and also detailed oriented.

I can’t really tell how her hair is, but it looks braided in the front and just pulled back into a puff…? Anyway, however it is, it’s cute!

Afro Samurai

On the opposite end of the spectrum is this bad mamma-jamma.

This is a Japanese manga and anime series that follows the adventures of a samurai named Afro in futuristic Japan. He is trying to avenge is father’s murder. Afro is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. I found it very interesting that this was created by a Japanase man. From what I hear it’s pretty violent, but it’s anime, so what you can you expect?


So I was watching Tarzan for the zillonth time when I had an epiphany. His hair moves a lot differently than all of the other charcters. That’s because it’s in long individual dreads (freeform of course :))

In this Disney film, Tarzan ends up on an island as an orphaned infant, raised by gorillas, and surfing through the trees. I complain about watching it so much, but really it’s one of my favorite Disney films. How did I never notice this before? Is it because I’m totally obsessed with hair now? Must be!

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