Wet twists vs Dry Twists- The pros and cons of each

by kcurly on April 1, 2009

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Twists on dry hair-3 months post BC


Shrinkage with wet twists is to the maximum. If you’re looking to show off your length, you may want to try dry twists. Though you get more definition, you pay for it in length.

Twists on wet hair- 2 1/2 months post BC

Twists on wet hair- 2 1/2 months post BC

These twists were done around the same time, but notice the difference.

Twistout results

If the twists are wet, they will be able to shrink up as they dry and wavy pattern will be more exaggerated. If you’re looking for your twist out to show more length than definition, then you will be happier with dry twists. This is usually why I do twists on dry hair. It’s all about what you want out of it.

Wet-lots of definition


I don’t know if it’s because the products seal in the moisture from the already wet hair, but I know that wet twists usually need less moisture for me. This may not be the case if you use a gel, which has a tendency to dry hair out. (at least in my case).


We all know wet hair is easier to detangle. Parting each section, especially if you are finger parting will be easier on wet hair. However, if you detangle on wet hair and then band or twist your hair, let it dry, and then do dry twists then you will have an easier time of parting (than you would if you just let it dry in a ‘fro). Banding or twisting prevent the hair from curling back on itself, causing the tangles.

Bigger is better?

My wet twists usually look twice the size of my dry ones. They seem to swell as they dry. Now, fat juicy twists may not be what you want. In which case you the dry twists would be the winning choice for you.


Twists done on wet hair seem to separate a lot easier and with less frizz than dry twists.

Drying time.

I personally like to air dry and the combination of thick hair, lots of moisturizing product, and a humid environment make it hard for my hair to dry quickly.I guess this isn’t really that big of a factor since if you want to do dry twists, you have to wait for your hair to dry anyway.

Staying power

Wet twists seem to stay in longer without unraveling and frizziness.


Dry twists cooperate more if you are looking to pin or clip your hair up, especially if you are going through that akward phase.

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