Oil Rinsing

by kcurly on May 15, 2009

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In my recent post on protecting the hair while swimming, nzinga left this comment:

this blog entry is right on time! Thanks. I’m going to the D.R next month and was wondering what I’m going to do with my hair! However, what is an oil rinse? do you just pour oil on your hair and then rinse it out?

Oil rinsing is essentially washing your hair with oil before applying your conditioner. I have found that occasionally oil rinsing allows my hair to dentangle easier and it also softens it up. To oil rinse, simply do the following:

1. Wash or Rinse hair

2. Apply oil of choice from root to tip.

3. Rinse hair.

4. Apply conditioner and continue as you normally would.

My favorite oil to use for oil rinses is olive oil. It’s nice and thick and goes on easy. It’s way too heavy for me to use on my hair after washing, but perfect for my oil rinses. You can use any oil you like, though.

Here are two threads that have more information on oil rinsing. I think the LHCF thread was where I learned about it.

Don’t sleep on oil rinses- LHCF

Oil Rinsing-Curl Talk

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