The Princess and the Frog full trailer

by kcurly on May 19, 2009

in Curly cartoons,Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Random Hair Thoughts)

So I’m so totally jazzed about this (in case you didn’t read my post a few months back). Here is the full trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. *sigh* I hope it’s as good as it looks!

The sad thing is I’m going to be scoping out the hair the whole time.



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  • Fleurzty

    It does look good, though I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Disney, especially the princess fairy tales.

  • Vanita

    Im really excited about this movie too!! I cant wait to see it, and we all need to support and make this big! Its about time we had a princess that looked like us!

  • Laquita

    Lol@scoping out the hair :o) My stepdaughter and niece were asking about this the other day they are also excited.

  • flamboyantchiq

    i heard she was a frog through most of the movie. conspiracy!

  • Maria

    OMG I can hardly wait to see it! She’s so pretty! I hate Disney movies too but I will make an exception cuz her hair is so fly LOL

  • Monroe S Tarver

    I’m totaly excited about this one also. My book, “Imagia and the Magic Pearls” also comes out in November and tells of an ethnic princess. I think their animation is great and love the story and where it takes place. Disney was my inspiration in coming up with my book and creating different characters.

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