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by kcurly on August 21, 2009

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From Denise (not to be confused wit Denise who won the idol giveaway)   in Iraq:

Hello Kcurly,
My name is Denise and I am a soldier in the US Army and currently deployed to Iraq. My best friend is natural and also a PJ. She is always searching the net for natural hair sites and she found yours and told me about it. I am in month 8 of transitioning. I had been thinking about going natural for a while, but decided not to do it because of the fact that I am in the Army and I have to wear a hat everyday and that I do PT (physical training) everyday and didn’t want my hair to puff up because of the sweat. As I said in the beginning, I am currently deployed to Iraq. Back in Jan of this year, I had a relaxer put in my hair. The person who did it, did not rinse all of the relaxer out on my nape and needless to say, I had bad chemical burns. That did it for me, it was time to go natural.
My best friend has helped me tremendously. She has given me a lot of good advice about taking care of natural hair. My staple hair style is twists. Sometimes, I braid it, but twists are my style of choice. I have been twisting my children hair for years now, so I feel that I am a pro at that hairstyle. The only problem that I am having is keeping my hair from drying out. It is very hot here. Sometimes it gets up to 120 deg F. I plan on transitioning for at least 18 months because I do not want to lose a lot of length. I love my between SL and APL hair.
So, my question to you or any of your readers who can help, is, what products do you recommend that will keep the moisture in my hair in this very hot and dry Iraq desert? Thank you for taking the time to read my email and also, thank you for taking the time to develop and maintain this site. It is very helpful, supportive and informative. I really appreciate it and you.
God Bless You,

All we have to do is step out on faith and God will lead us the rest of the way!!

Denise, first of all, thank you for serving our country overseas. I appreciate each of your hard working folks over there and pray for you everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I’m sorry about the burns you received from the relaxer (been there done that!) but so happy that you’ve started your journey to being natural.  I am also in a very hot environment though it’s more of a wet heat than I think you’re experiencing. Probably one of the most moisturizing things I can think of is Qhemet’s Heavy Cream though some of my readers may be able to suggest other products. I don’t know about the shipping from Qhemet.
It’s great that you’re in protective styles because that will help a lot, but I was wondering if you’ve tried baggying at night (if possible). You simply apply a good moisturizer to your hair and then cover with a plastic cap or bag (or shower cap) and let it sit overnight. This helps a lot of people with moisture issues. Also I would deep condition (if possible) as much as you can.
You may also want to eliminate glycerin from your hair care routine if you are using any. I say may because not everyone agrees with this. From this article on

In weather that is extremely dry, glycerin will seek out moisture from your hair and actually dehydrate it, which can cause damage and breakage.

Good luck and maybe some of the lovely readers will have suggestions or words of encouragement for you!

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