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by kcurly on September 22, 2009

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After BC

After BC

Email from G:

sooooo i finally mustered the courage to do it…i have to say i feel naked and a little unsure of myself. i feel like a loser for saying that but its true. i keep wondering what my family really thinks or what my friends will say…

oh and a MAJOR concern how to style it so i look like i give a hot damn about myself!!

Hey there G!

Don’t feel like a loser for simply what you feel. It’s natural to feel that way after the BC. At least you haven’t cried like I did! Congrats on
being natural! I love that picture with the feather accessory, you are glowing, girl! Now the fun begins…!

First, it looks to me like you still have some relaxed ends. If I were you, I would get these clipped off or do it yourself. Dealing with those
ends are just going to be more added stress. With a TWA, the easiest thing you can do is just let that beautiful hair grow, wash it, keep it
moisturized, sleep with your satin/silk.

Now you can scour youtube and websites and start experimenting with your twists, coils, etc. There’s a learning curve with most people so get ready for possibly a few awkward hair days. Try not to stress too much over doing styles right now if it becomes overwhelming.

I hope that helps, feel free to ask any specific questions.

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