Totally Off Topic–Never make a pretty woman your wife

by kcurly on September 4, 2009

in Totally Off Topic

I’ve always heard this song and thought it was terrible and funny at the same time. Oh Lord, it tickles me. The song is called “If you want to be happy” and it was a number one hit in 1963. It’s based off of a calypso called “Ugly Woman”.

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  • T1AO

    I have liked this song since I was a kid. I remember it from that Cher and Winona Ryder movie. I think it was called Mermaids. I always thought it was made just for the movie. Now I know who sings it.

  • Moni

    Growing up in Bermuda, I heard this song on my Nana’s favorite radio station. It’s hilarious (and somewhat true)!

  • Laquita

    It is a great song – The movie with the song was Mermaids – with Winona and Cher – they play the song in the last scene :o)

  • Jill

    I’ve always loved this song. Thanks for posting — it’ll be in my head for hours now!

  • anne marie

    try to get this through to my boys but didnt work

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