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by kcurly on October 15, 2009

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Hi Kcurly!
I just discovered your wonderful blog today. I have been looking for something like that for a while now. I have a question I hope you will
be able to answer. I want to fix my dandruff problem using only natural products made at home. I heard that Tea Tree Oil is good, but
I don’t know what to mix it with. I also can’t find a list of essencial oils and what they’re good for when it comes to hair. I want to mix what ever oil to make a type of shampoo or something. Thanks, and your help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Jael from Dallas, Tx

Jael, thanks for this email!

Here is a list of the uses of essential oils from Motown Girl that I found helpful. Usually when mixing essential oils, it’s with a carrier oil (click here to see more info about that). You may want to do mix the two and then apply to the scalp.

As for the dandruff, I am not currently suffering from it as it disappeared (for the most part) after I stopped using the relaxer. I do still get an itchy scalp which can be helped greatly by a carrier oil mixed with some lavender or peppermint oil. Maybe someone else can give you helpful suggestions and you’ll have to keep us updated on how you experiments work out for you. I’ve also read that using Apple Cider Vinegar before shampooing your hair can help with dandruff.

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  • ljkelly

    My dandruff also disappeared after I stopped getting the relaxer! Is there some reason for this? I use Jojoba oil as my carrier and peppermint oil as my essential oil to simulate the scalp. I love it.

  • isha

    Hi! I just stumbled in your blog today and I find your answer to the question interesting. I’m using an all-natural shampoo made of aloe vera and peppermint; and it seems like my dandruff was reduced. However, I still have an itchy scalp. I think I should try your tips. Thank you for the information.

  • Cori

    I just found the blog today looking for products to work for my summer, natural hair. I am a life-time sufferer of dandruff. I have been totally dandruff-free for 6 weeks after trying Just Naturals products. I have long wavy hair that I wash weekly and wear flat-ironed and curled during the cooler months. I inquired about which products would work for my type of hair and am satisfied with the results. Hope you find success as well.

  • Monica

    I know this is a OLD, But i just wanted to mention. I use Tea Trea oil. I have dandruff that is something like cradle cap. I always had this issue when I was relaxed and now being natural. The scent is very strong. I didn’t have to mix with any other oils eaither. Just a couple of daps on my scalp, massage and that is it. The oil is kind of pricey, but worth it. The oil can be purchased from Whole Foods.

  • Monica

    Also, Dr Bonners Peppermint and Castor oil shampoo is great for scalp stimulation and helps with dandruff.

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