Totally Off Topic–Ernie singing about the moon

by kcurly on October 6, 2009

in Totally Off Topic

My son and I were watching Sesame Street and I heard this song. Oh my gosh, talk about flashbacks. That’s one thing I love about Sesame Street is that they still play all of the old clips in between the new ones.This song just puts a big smile on my face…goofy, huh?

Sometimes I wish Elmo would go and fling himself from a mountaintop, but overall it’s still a great kids show.



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  • MommyB

    I’m right there with you. Ernie is now, and always has been my absolute favorite! He’s so kooky & unique, just like me. I had an Ernie birthday cake for MY 2nd birthday, and that was 26 years ago! Hooray for Sesame Street, especially Ernie!

  • Tamika

    OMG! That is one of my favorite Sesame Street Songs. I ordered Sesame Streets Greatest hits in hopes of it being on there. I also like Ernie’s song when he’s in the tub with Rubber Ducky. He is really quirky..but I like that. I like how he irritates Bert! I now have my children singing and loving this song…but I think I love it more!

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