Totally Off Topic-Black Dynamite

by kcurly on November 19, 2009

in Totally Off Topic

Oh Lord, I hesitate to even mention this movie. It’s funny in a ridiculous way. If you haven’t heard of Black Dynamite, it’s a spoof of the old Blaxploitation films. It has a 70s quality to it and centers around a badass ex CIA agent who takes on a gang that killed his brother, puts drugs on the streets and is producing bad malt liquor.

Very funny, lots of ‘fros. Ya dig it?

Check out the trailer.



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  • Chai

    One of THE funniest movies I’ve seen in a good while!! Took my friends along to see, and we had the best time! Really wasn’t expecting it to be that good…the soundtrack is amazingly well put together as well!

    Can’t wait for the DVD!!

  • Maria

    OMG that looks so cool! I love the afros!

  • Booker Ts Mama

    OMG!!! That looks like it’s gonna be really funny!!! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Tora

    Looks hilarious. Is this in theatres now?

  • Serena

    I saw this trailer on my apple tv last weekend. At first I was like “what is this?!?!”, but then I watched the whole trailer, and I think it is going to be hilarious.
    I like the one part “But Black Dynamite, I sell crack in the neighborhood” lol

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