The Princess and the Frog review

by kcurly on December 13, 2009

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I really enjoyed this movie and was grinning the whole time. This was my son’s first movie at the theatre, and though he was a little hesitant at first, he settled in and really enjoyed it. He even got up and started dancing during one of the songs.

Prince Naveen’s race did not bother me at all. He’s not Hispanic, he’s from a mythical kingdom somewhere. He is definitely brown, not just olive skinned. The pictures that I’ve seen all make him look much lighter than he is. He’s a source of a good deal of the humor in the movie.

Tiana is a wonderful character! ¬†Extremely hardworking and needs no man to help her get to her dreams.From an aesthetic point, I loved her clothes and she’s just plain pretty!

As I suspected in this post, Tiana’s father,though he dies early on in the film, is a big source of her courage and determination.

I know a lot of people were concerned about the voodoo in the film and how it would appear stereotypical, etc. Well, I’m from the South and the fear of voodoo is real in some areas. Don’t be mad at me if you live in the South and never had any voodoo talks with anyone. I was brought up to be aware of it and my grandmother would go in to specifics.

New Orleans was shown in a very positive light. The city was clean, the citizens were mostly African American and well dressed. And, of course, there is an abundance of Jazz.

Actually, the only place where I saw that anyone could get offended was the brief appearance of a group of  backwoods Cajun people who were really over the top.

The music was okay. It doesn’t seem like any of these newer Disney films have the same draw of the films from the early 90s as far as music is concerned. But there were probably 2 of the songs that I really enjoyed (and apparently for DS too since he got up to dance to one of them).

The humor in the film was decent. I know what makes a lot of children’s films so popular is that they also appeal to adults. I did chuckle a few times though.

If you have a younger child, there are some scary parts in the movie. I won’t go into detail, but my son has been talking about “the monsters get da frog” since we got home LOL!

After it was all said and done…I couldn’t see the big deal. It was a movie. It was for enjoyment, and it was (as my husband said) for Disney to make money. My son and I had a good time watching it together, just as we do any other film.

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