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by kcurly on January 11, 2010

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CurlyZebra is an up and coming business that makes satin lined hats for cold weather. They were kind enough to do an interview with Newly Natural. To learn more about this company, please check out their website, facebook, or this recent article.

What prompted you to start making these wonderful hats for children?

We live in Minnesota, so hats are not an optional accessory for children in daycare or school settings since they go outside to play almost every day. With my daughters wearing hats several times a day, there hair would get so dried out and frizzy. I started thinking that my daughters sleep on satin pillowcases to not dry out their hair, so maybe a satin lined hat wouldn’t dry out their hair.

I looked every where to try to purchase one, but I could not find anything for them anywhere. I then asked my Mom to help me design and sew a hat for my girls with a satin lining. As soon as my girls started wearing them, I was amazed at the change in the condition of their hair. It was no longer dry and frizzy. My husband even noticed how much better the condition of their hair was. The hat worked so wonderfully last winter, I thought others could benefit from them as well, so this past summer I asked my sister to partner with me and we launched Curly Zebra.

What are the advantages of wearing a satin lined hat for kids? Does it help preserve their hairstyle?

It does help preserve their hairstyle, but the biggest benefit is it does not dry out their hair like a normal fleece or acrylic winter hat would.

You have so many beautiful designs available. Do you take custom orders if a customer has a specific hat in mind?

Yes, we do take custom orders. If you email us and let us know what you are interested in, we will let you know if it is something that we can create for you.

I see you also have some hats available in adult sizes. Any plans for more adult hats for those of us who are, um, well endowed in head size?

Most of our hats are offered in sizes that range from a child small to an adult large. We do use a stretch satin to line the hats, which does help with the fit and sizing. We have had a few people mention to us that they have a hard time finding hats that fit. However, when we have been at craft shows with our hats, we haven’t had anyone try on our hats and find that one of our sizes, including the large did not fit. We are definitely open to feedback about the sizing and would start making an extra large size, but we have yet to find someone that would need it.

Do you have advice to ladies out there who would like to start their own business?

Be sure it is something that you love and are passionate about as there is so much work involved in getting it set up and to keep it running. If you are not excited and passionate about your business it might be hard to find the time and energy that is needed to put into it and make it successful.

Does Curly Zebra have a physical location where customers can purchase hats?

We do not have a store front. We have been at several craft shows in the Mpls/St. Paul area this past winter and plan to continue to attend craft shows each winter season. Shows that we plan to or have attended are listed on our website.

Is there anything else you’d like my readers to know about Curly Zebra?

We are a very new business as this is our first season. We are very open to any suggestions or ideas that people have about what types of hats they would like to see or how we can improve any current product. My business partner and I have a list of ideas as to how we want to grow and the new styles of hats we want to create. This means that next and subsequent seasons we hope to offer new and more innovative styles or lines.

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