Shrinkage and You

by kcurly on January 30, 2010

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I once saw a member on LHCF, LadyLibra, do this side by side shot of her straight and curly hair. I finally got around to recreating it on myself.

Shrinkage is a characteristic of natural hair…and, more than likely, curly hair period. Of course, even though curly hair does shrink up and appear shorter because of the curl pattern, kinky hair can do this in an epic type of way.

The picture above is from when I straightened my hair this last time. The hair on the right is not completely dry yet, so it still has more shrinking to go. I would say my hair shrinks about 50-60 percent of it’s actual length.

Why does shrinkage suck?

  • It camouflages length
  • Encourages knots and tangles as the hair shrinks on itself

Why does shrinkage rock?

  • It’s part of your hair texture. It’s uniquely you.
  • When you hair gets ¬†longish, the ends are protected from brushing against shoulders and clothes
  • Increases volume and thickness of hair
  • Lends variety to styling (see this post as how it relates to twists)

Once I stopped trying to fight it so much, especially when wearing my hair in a wash n go, shrinkage became just another part of life. Granted, I still stretch my hair out with banding and twisting on occasion. However, shrunken twists and twist outs (ie twists done on wet hair, thus allowing them to shrink as they dry) are fast becoming some of my favorite styles.

How do you feel about your shrinkage?

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