Yele Press Conference and Wyclef Video

by kcurly on January 19, 2010

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I know there is a lot of emotion in the accusations against the Yele organization. Thanks to Shari for emailing me this press conference from Wyclef Jean. It is very touching and (I feel) heartfelt.

Also of interest is some video from that is a personal statement from Wyclef.  You can view that here.

Also, this CNN article gives a good viewpoints of both sides. Of particular interest is the opinion of some tax experts.

In the largest transaction noted by The Smoking Gun, Yele Haiti’s 2006 tax filing said it purchased $250,000 worth of “TV airtime and production services from Telemax, S.A which is a for-profit company located in Haiti and which two board members (Wyclef Jean and co-musician Jerry Duplessis) own a controlling interest in.”

But tax experts say it’s routine for individuals to charge their own charities, so long as services are being provided in return. “The tax rules do not prohibit related party transactions,” said Marcus Owen, former chief of the IRS unit that oversees non-profits.

So anyway, make up your own mind. I won’t be spending anymore time of this particular issue.

I will say that  it is simply amazing, in our economy, that donations have reached over 200 million dollars.

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