Readers Share-Creamy Crack Lawsuit

by kcurly on February 23, 2010

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Thanks to Mesha for this email:

Hey Kcurly is here yet another creamy crack tragedy.  Living proof that I’ll never go back!  I hope you’re having a great day!

Tragic! That poor woman!



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  • Blutopaz

    Not to be insensitive and it should not matter, but wth Sheenique Relaxer?! But it reminds me of when i was a teen (and broke), and doing my little Dark & Lovely/Creme of Nature kits at home (shudder). It creeps me out to see boxes of these in the store now, esp. if they are dusty like they’ve been sitting around for a few years.

  • Reine

    This reminds me of the Rio relaxer from the 80’s / 90’s (that the guy tasted in the commercial), too good to be true! It’s really amazing that according to the story that only 151 complaints have been made to the FDA about relaxers. Hope her scalp heals and recovers from this.

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