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by kcurly on March 30, 2010

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Someone mentioned this device in a post on LHCF. I was flabbergasted…it looks like magic!! Check out the videos:

Holy moly! I was curious about what lengths this device would work on. I emailed the company and they replied:

Thank you for your interest and your time as well. Nudred has been most successful on hair 1/8-1.5 inches long, however it has worked on hair up to five inches long as well depending on the texture of ones hair. We have done demos on those with longer hair and watched their eyes light up with amazement. Usually with longer hair the style becomes an edgy kinda loose twist.


More info from the website:
  • Cheapest package is $29.95 and includes the device along with Nu-Potion
  • 15 percent of profits are donated to African organizations to assist with clean water, shelter, and more.
  • Takes 3-20 minutes to twist hair, depending on length
  • No pain or pulling
Obviously, I won’t be trying this, but I’m curious to see if any of you ladies have. If it works, it seems that it would be perfect for those with TWAs who want to do more than just wash n go.



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  • Shones

    yo… that is amazing! i wonder what’s in the “potion” though.

  • BleuSavoy

    wow! incredible …

  • Jc

    I’ve seen the videos before. I’m not a fan of the coil style (ducks) but if I did have short hair and if I liked the style I would buy it just for the novelty factor. It looks cool.

  • Nya

    HOLY MOLEY!!! I can’t believe that made twist. I would love to see someone try this out.

  • Anonymous

    5 inches stretched or unstretched because lord knows that is two different things. I so want it but my hair may be too long :-(

  • Regina

    Interesting. I also wonder what exactly is in the potion.

  • melanie

    If he’s at the Natural World Hair Show in ATL next week, I’m gonna check it out. My son is growing his hair out and it’s the perfect length.

  • Fleurzty

    Holy moly indeed! I could not believe my eyes. If my hubby decides to grow his hair again, I will definitely check this out, and depending on the ingredients on the potion, I may just try it on him :)

  • Lovingyourself

    I have used this product (did not use the potion…did not like the smell and did not know what was in it)…it was great when I had a TWA…I truly love it…my hair is longer now and it does not have the same affect but it really is great…I recommend this product if you like that look

  • Byvon

    I would loveto try it was wondering if it could be purchased in Atlanta or only online.
    Thx for the onfo

  • Tasha126

    WOW!!! I loved the kid’s hair. I’d rock the style on my days off since I have a TWA! I will be looking into it. My hispanic and shaved-head hubby said if I don’t buy one, he’ll try using the shoe polishing sponge on me if I want…LOL…yeah I don’t think so babe!!!

  • mrsbrendac123

    my son does his hair like that with just a hair brush, but their product seems to get the twists in faster.

  • http://facebook Mary Robinson

    my name is mary robinson while review some website i ran across your product and ad my problem is i want to use your product but i have bald spot on each side of my hair and patch in the center of my hair would you say your product is right for me and if so i can get more clients to use your product. I don’t have any chemical in my hair a feel that if i can twist my hair it might start to grow.Please Please i really need help.

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