The last of the twistouts!

by kcurly on March 16, 2010

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"Here is my twist out!! I hope I was born to win!!"-Saundra

"Hi KCurly, Attached are pictures of my first attempt at a twist out. Not the greatest but I hope to get better with more practice. Thanks for all the wonderful info on your website!! "-Angela

"Here's my best braidout. I'm currently transitioning to natural (15 months post)." -Chelleyrock

"I pulled my twistout into a puff for my workout so you can't see it so well. Thanks for doing the contest!" -Angelina

"I'm Vonnie of and here is my best twist out"-Vonnie

"Braid-out while transitioning"-Tiffany

Thanks once more to all of the lovely ladies who participated! How can anyone look at all these beautiful heads of hair and not see the beauty in natural hair?



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  • Shones

    Pretty… so many different textures. Vonnie — so shiny! Side note: am I the only one that finds that Photoshop, anonymous-twisted-face thing a little disturbing? Maybe we should just use black boxes over the eyes…

  • Angel

    To Saundra: What did you twist your hair with? Beautiful definition for your, I think, 4a or 4b hair.

    It would have been nice if each picture had also specified what they twisted with.

  • Daphne

    @Shones – yes the wierd twisting thing is definately disturbing – but I do understand the ned for it

    @KCurly – thanks for sharing these pictures, gives me somany ideas for my hair!

  • Roxxie

    OMG! I agree with Shones, PLEASE stop distorting the faces like that. It really freaks me out. I understand the need for it, but there’s gotta be another way.

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