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by kcurly on April 8, 2010

in Totally Off Topic

The internet is all abuzz with the new Nike commercial featuring a solemn face Tiger blinking into the camera with his father (deceased) speaking in the background. What do you think of this commercial? Is it tactfully done? Or is too soon? Or do you, like me, feel like you’re getting so tired of seeing Tiger’s face everywhere?

Here’s the video, along with a discussion.



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  • Shones

    You have to admit, it’s a bold move, but we shouldn’t expect anything less than bold from Nike, right? I am a little tired of seeing Tiger’s mug everywhere. But it’s a money-making mug, so I anticipate that’s not going to change anytime soon.

    As for the use of his father in the add… maybe I’m just not in-the-know, but if I hadn’t been told that was his father’s voice, I wouldn’t have know who that was in the background. And what’s worse? — the use of his deceased father, or *stretching* the scandal and using it to sell Tiger/Nike. I disagree with the ad person’s commentary afterward when she says “Nike wants us to get over it.” If that were true, they wouldn’t have hinted at his mishaps in the ad. They would have just shown him back on the course. The whole thing has just dragged on waaaaaaay tooooooo loooooooooong….

  • KB

    I have to agree with Shones. I think Tiger let himself be taken advantage of with this commercial in the name of the marketing, and sponsors. Using his deceased father was a bold move. No one would have known it was his deceased father if the media wasn’t talking about the commercial. They could have used anyone for that spot. Like Shones stated, they should have shown him on the course gearing up for his next tourney if they really wanted to send the message “Nike wants us to get over it”.

  • sharonda

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  • angela

    I think it is completely random, and don’t understand why he is going along with making his personal life so public.

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