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by kcurly on May 23, 2010

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My DH and I are Lost fans. The moment all Lost fanatics have been waiting for is here! Tonight is the final episode…and it’s ending in a glorious 2 and half hour finale! I have so many unanswered questions and although I’m sure a lot will be answered, I’m almost positive there will still be a lot of “Huh?” from the Lost community.

Here’s a pretty cool video with random people giving their opinions on how it’s all going to end.

Any other Lost fans out there?



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  • T

    Yep. I hope this finale really answers our questions.

  • Bridget

    My husband is a Lost fanatic,too! I try but am not able to get into it like he does. I like that Sawyer, though!

  • Reine

    ….enjoy it……never watched the show, so I suppose I’m at a loss! Lol!

  • Tasha Maria


    What a great ending and I just came back from a “LOST” lunch with another fan. The beauty of the show is just like life…we will never have all of the answers on this journey called life. The show made me examine my personal beliefs and want to learn more about the religions and philosophies explored on the show. They did a great job!

  • Tasha Maria


    I thought the finale was great. We will never have the answer to everything in lift and especially during our “Island moments”.

    The way the writers blended religious and philosophical undertones were genius. The show made me think more about my personal beliefs. I can’t wait to watch it on the DVD with the promised extras.

  • Angelina

    I love “Lost”! I thought the ending was so beautiful…I cried my eyes out lol.

  • Ashley

    OMG that was the most EPIC-ly awesome thing i have ever watched my eyes were swollen shut lol

  • Maneisha

    LOST finale was Awesome!! I was very pleased with the ending!

  • LBell

    At first I was like, WTF???? Then I read some of the theory blogs and now I’m like: WTF? lol…I liked (and completely got) the ending but I refuse to believe that all the stuff that happened on the island was real.

  • Shedeep

    LOST finale was Awesome!!

  • Maneisha

    LBEll did u watch the Jimmy Kimmel show? The cast was on there and Matthew Fox kinda touched on the ending but I guess it really is open to interpretation.

  • kcurly

    LBell…LOL! Too funny!

    I was actually disappointed by the last episode. I wanted some more answers to a lot of questions. I wasn’t expecting to have everything answered, but, c’mon, throw me a bone!

    Oh well, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

  • Tiffany

    I just became a Lost fan. I started watching from season one and I’m about half way through season three. I know the final season is playing now but I’m going to wait until I work my way up to it. Hopefully I won’t run into anybody who will want to talk about it and ruin it for me. LOL

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