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by kcurly on June 9, 2010

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(See my first post on this subject here)

After the many many comments you lovely ladies left me under this post, I decided to purchase Oyin Funk Butter…for two reasons: 1) the name is hilarious and 2) you can rarely go wrong with Oyin.

Price: $5.00 2 oz tin

Scents available: (copied from Oyin site)

unscented - all the funk-fighting power, none of the fragrance or essential oils that might irritate extra-sensitive underarms, clash with your signature perfume, or distract co-workers as you drift fragrantly past. ;)

coco mango “think of an umbrella drink somewhere near water; mango & coconut, papaya & pineapple; now crush them all together in your mind and pour it over ice. it’s a tropical treat for your undearms.

black cedar fig warm fig, strong cedarwood, and sultry ylang ylang blend with a touch of tea tree to keep it lively. if snuggling had a scent, this would be it: both inviting and warm. appropriate for both men and women, it won’t go wrong.

Ingredients (unscented): baking soda, cornstarch, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, kaolin clay, caldendula and chamomile powders, olive oil, and good wishes.

Purchase from: Oyin Handmade


I got the unscented version of this product, simply because I am so very sensitive to certain smells these days. I may try the scented versions later.

First, it kind of wigs me out to scoop deodorant out of the jar. I don’t know why and really it doesn’t make any sense. I mean, you have to rub in lotion and shampoo…why is deodorant that different? Anyhoo, that was an initial impression.

Second, it doesn’t look pretty. In fact, it reminds me of the times when I was little and would try to “cook” with flour and water and whatever else I could throw in there. Upon touch, it’s also a little grainy…I’m assuming that’s from the baking soda and cornstarch.

After I got past the aforementioned and actually used this stuff, I was wow’d. It works very well! I’ve used it several times: Once at work (great results), once on a mini hike in the heat (awesome!), and just sitting at home (fantastic).

It even helped a lot with moisture, which kind of surprised me  since I only expected it to help with “funk”. It spreads pretty easily though I wouldn’t exactly call the consistency creamy. I did not find the grittiness a problem, though I’m guessing some people would as there is a warning on the back of the jar:

Caution: funk butter contains natural odor absorbers which are potentially abrasive, so make sure to use a very light touch when applying. may not be appropriate for those with sensitive skin;test inside your wrist or your elbow before using, and do not apply to irritated, just- shaven, or broken skin. if any irritation occurs, discontinue use at once. be well! :o)

Now, I did notice, while wearing a sleeveless shirt, that there was a bit of residue in my underarm area. Nothing terrible, but something that made me keep my arms down for the rest of the day.

I’ve also noticed that it tingles/stings a bit after first shaving. Overall, I’m very impressed. Two thumbs up!

I will be trying out more “natural” deodorants that were recommended by you ladies, so stay tuned!



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  • Adetta

    I missed the original post but milk of magnesia is a wonderful deodorant and works great for people with sensitive skin. My husband uses it regularly and even in the heat of a NC summer he can be out all day with no problems.

  • Shones

    I make my own deodorant using this recipe from the How About Orange blog: It has fewer ingredients, it’s cheaper, and arrowroot powder replaces cornstarch (which I understand leads to less irritation for some). A cheaper alternative for those willing to make their own. A plus for making your own — you can scoop it into an empty push-up deodorant bottle, keep it in a cool place, and then you have your own solid. Voila.

  • Tamika R.

    Wow…this is right on time for me. I have searched high and low for a less toxic alternative to deodorant for myself and my family. Summer is right around the corner. I tried the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick (couldn’t really feel it working) and also Alvera Aloe Herbal All Natural Roll-On Deodorant (was runny and I had to reapply several times a day-smelled good tho). I will definately try the Oyin deodorant…even tho its a little pricey. And as far as the aforementioned post about using milk of magnesia. That is crazy…BUT I’m willing to try it LOL :-)! Especially if it works!

  • Alex

    I am a fan of natural crystal deodorants, especially the crystal deodorant spray which I had the best results with. But if you use the stone just make sure to buy the natural deodorant stones, not the synthetic replicas. Crystal deodorants go on completely invisible and are great for sensitive skin. Check out some comparison photos of natural deodorant stones and synthetic deodorant stones so you know how to tell the difference:

  • Kbelle

    hey, on the Oyin Funk Butter, how long do you think that tin will last you before you have to reorder?

  • J.

    I also missed the first post and I am not sure if anyone else has made this suggestion, but there is a Crystal deodorant that you can get from Wal-Greens. It comes in a roll on (scented or unscented) as well as a stick that you wet each day before you apply.

    I have been using that and it works pretty well for me.

  • Ruth

    I make my own from a recipe a friend posted on YouTube. I tried it (out of desperation) after hubby ‘came down’ with an odour problem that nothing could solve… after taking antibiotics. It worked! So we’ve kept it. :)

    All it takes is 1Tbsp each of cornstarch, baking soda and olive oil… and a few drops of your favourite EOs for fragrance. Mix until creamy and start using. (I used a heaping Tbsp. of the cornstarch to take away from the abrasiveness of the baking soda)

  • Loo

    I bought the unscented Funk Butter because my skin tends to be sensitive and it totally irritated my underarms. I hated to give up on an otherwise amazing product, so now I put coconut oil on my underarms first and then add the Funk Butter. So far, so good!

  • E

    Okay, I’m definitely trying this now…i have heard good things about this. Even though it worked for you, did it keep you dry? Either way, Im getting it, but I am just curious.

  • Maria

    I have used this since I saw this post last year. Love it! Love it! Love it! I will never use any other deodorant again!

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