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by kcurly on July 16, 2010

in Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Random Hair Thoughts)

Girl! I had my big ultrasound yesterday and, in addition to being healthy, Kcurly Jr is also a little girl! She’s going to have great hair, I can already tell :)

My 3 year old son was present at the ultrasound and in response the to fact that it was a girl he said “I said I want a boy baby”. However, he changes his mind everyday! Sorry kid, can’t send her back!

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  • zionderu


  • EssenseVibez

    she’s beautiful–can’t wait until she gets here!!!
    and your son is going to love her something fierce and be very protective–thats what big brother’s do—remain blessed!!

  • Abeni Smith

    Happy happy, joy joy! Now you have one of each and twice as much hair to do but you’ll love it. Big Brother will be fine and will surely fall in love with that baby, make sure you let him help out. My youngest daughter keeps saying she is going to pray to God for a baby sister, I am nowhere near pregnant plus we already have to girls what would I do with a third. Out of the mouth of babes….

  • Tonisha

    Awww…So awesome!! I gave up on girl babies after my second boy:( I, like you, was thinking great hair. I am surrounded by boys, from my own kids to my nephew to my godchild….no girls. I can now live vicariously through you. Blessings to you and your fam. Congratulations!!!

  • HerBrina


  • Ms. Medley

    WOW! Kcurly, congrats on your new addition.

  • JR

    congrats! I know you must be excited!

  • Gigi

    YAY!!!! Another curly is on the way.

  • jlowman1

    Congrats! That is wonderful, another curly!

  • Demi

    Awww, sugar and spice and everything nice. Congrats!

  • LaTia

    Yay!!! Congratulations! So glad you & the baby are healthy. I was hoping it would be a girl… Many many blessings for you :-)

  • OnceUponaTime

    “Thank heaven, for little girls!” Congratulations again!

  • Gillaine

    Congrats!!! Aww you get to have a daughter…a do all kinds of protective styles on her! lol

  • funkystarkitty50

    Congrats on your baby girl!!!! I have boys, so I can’t do beads and ribbons in braids :-( But, I’m glad for my boys and you are going to be great with your daughter.

  • Fleurzty

    Yay this is awesome! Congratulations!

  • Reine

    Congrats! Nice balance with one of each. LOL @ your son who thinks it’s like a store “I want a girl!”

  • Naomi

    Yea!! Such a blessing. Congratulations :)

  • Eugenia

    Congrats! How exciting! :-)

  • Florly

    Congratulations! children are great blessings from the Lord. very happy for your family!

  • Yvette

    Awww, yay for girls :) (healthy babies in general).

  • MzB

    YAYYY!! I’m so excited for you!

  • Jessica

    Exciting news! I can’t wait to see more profiles of little naturals and your experience mothering a beautiful little girl.


  • Heather!

    Yay!! That is so exciting! And you will have so much fun with a baby girl…and now one of each! Congratulations!!!! :D

  • Winona

    Wonderful. I am very happy for you:)

  • CurlyKye

    Awwwww CONGRATULATIONS KCurly! Between you and CurlyNikki I can’t wait to see your little cuties and their hair journey! *haha* ;-)

  • Laisha

    Yay!So do u have a name?

  • kcurly

    Thank you ladies! No name as of yet, we are in still in negotiations.

  • Novella L.

    Aw, curls and bows! I love it! Congratulations
    I know she will be beautiful!

  • Moni

    Congrats!!! Monique is a beautiful name. Just kidding! I’m sure you and the other half are thrilled and big brother will get used to it as well. There’s nothing like a new baby to make you feel like a “big boy”!

  • Daphnie


  • Melinda


  • Exhale1913

    i knew it!!! Congratulations!! I put a “stake in the ground” that she was a girl, when you talked about how sick you were! I have THREE girls (my oldest is 3) and it was like deja vu when you were talking about not feeling well!! Congratulations!!

  • ChocolateOrchid

    Congrats Sweetie!! I can’t wait to see all the pretty styles that baby-girl will be wearing.

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