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Ask Kcurly–Fine Haired Naturals

by kcurly on August 3, 2010

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My name is Racquel and I’ve been natural for about a year. I love being natural for so many reasons- I’ve learned to love myself more, to be more willing and unafraid to express myself as I am, and as an added bonus, I’ve become more socially conscious! So, I have to say that it’s been an amazing journey! However, I’m more than a little frustrated with my hair even though I love it so: I’m fine haired. When I was relaxed, I’d have one day of full, bouncy, hair, and then 6 weeks of flat hair molded to my skull because it was too thin to have it’s own volume unless I put rollers in. I had hoped when I stopped perming my hair that I would gain more volume, but, alas, I’m still very much fine-haired. I read so many natural hair blogs (including yours, daily :)) and many of the suggestions I see for other naturals don’t seem to work for my oh-so-fickle hair. Shea butter (and shea-butter based product)? Too heavy. Coconut/Jojoba/Olive/Grapeseed/Sweet Almond oil? Oily hair that’s not very moisturized. Hair products for “fine strands”? Barely moisturizing. Protein for hair strength? Guess who’s protein sensitive. Le sigh.

Plus, years of braids took out the front of my hair and relaxers burned out the follicles so I have bilateral bald spots at my edges (sexy, I know). I’m not complaining, I just would like to know what a fine-haired natural with pen-spring sized coils does when she has done the research (and have I done the research) and very little of the suggestions seem to work for her.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :).


Kel thanks for the email. I’m not fine haired, as you can obviously see, but my son is. His hair does not require a lot of the same things as mine does. You are right, suggestions are great, but they are only that: suggestions. What works for my hair, may not work for yours and vice versa.

Here are some  things you can try:

1. Just use a light leave in conditioner after you wash your hair. If that is still too heavy, try and dilute it with some water or find a good liquid leave-in conditioner instead. My son’s hair loves JC Leave in Conditioner. It is just enough moisture for him without leaving his hair oily and weighed down. You may have to experiment with the amount that you use.

2. Leave a bit of conditioner in your hair after you rinse to add moisture. You may not even have to use a leave in afterwards.

3. You may not need to deep condition as much. Cut back to whatever your hair tells you to.

4. If you still want to try oils, do an oil rinse instead of using the oil as a leave in or sealant.

I once had bald edges myself, so I feel your pain. Try massaging them with a nice oil everyday and treat them with tender loving care. I’m talking no headbands, no tight buns or pulled back hair styles. You may even want to try adding some essential oils to your carrier oils, such as rosemary (not if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant) or peppermint which is said to stimulate hair growth. Even now that my edges have grown back in, they are still extremely fragile.

I hope that helps and good luck to you on your hair journey!

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