Totally Off Topic: Dad dancing to Justin Bieber! Hilarious!

by kcurly on September 21, 2010

in Totally Off Topic

I need to tell DH that he will have to do this type of thing with our baby girl when she goes through the teeny bopper stage. This guy had me dying! I think it’s because the kids look so mild and slightly embarrassed  while he’s back there going off!



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  • Mishawn

    See, this is what it is all about! Yes, I feel out of the chair and was cracking up BUT, this is priceless. Reminds me of the commercial where the father is practicing/cheering with his daughter outside on the side walk and the neighbor peeks out the window .

  • Tiffany

    too funny. we got a good laugh cause dad was more “into” it than the kidds. good find!

  • jenuine

    I loved this. That is me with my kids…except they get a kick out of laughing @ me (as long as we’re alone) lol They would love for their dad to act like that too, but he hasn’t got in touch with his inner goof :-)

  • jenuine

    I love the cheerleading commercial too (Mishawn). I think that is one of the best commercials they have made to get a point across.

  • Keisha

    Haha, wow I love off topic posts sometimes. I was not expecting this on a natural hair blog. Goofy, that’s cute girl, I like your sense of humor! Naturals know what’s funny!

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