Yikes, where have I been? Time is flying right about now, so I didn’t even really notice I hadn’t updated in awhile. Gosh!

Anyway, here my last few styles since I haven’t done a “Today’s Hair” Post in a while.

As I mentioned, I did straighten my hair. How did I mostly wear it? In a bun of course ;)

Straight Bun. I decided to do this one low and to the side, just for a change.

A bun seemed like the best option. For some reason all that hair on my neck and shoulders was irritating me. Must be a pregnancy thing?

So I washed my hair and decided to wear my hair out for awhile. I did a puff, not really focusing on curl definition. After DCing and oil rinsing, I applied Darcy’s Botanicals Transitioning Creme and that was it. I have to admit, that I missed my puff.

I used Hairveda Almond Glaze on my edges

Closeup of my Tomoka's Twists

I wore the puff for a few days before going back to my true love…twists! I’ve been wearing them back in a pony or bun for the most part.

I used a long silk scarf to make the ponytail

So that’s about it! I did the twists with a product line called Zenzele. I will start posting reviews tomorrow!

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