Haircrush: Update and New YouTube Channel

by kcurly on February 1, 2011

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You may remember me showcasing some great natural hair t-shirts along with the drop dead gorgeous hair of the owner in this post. Well, Chime (aka HairCrush) was kind enough to share some updated pictures with us along with an intro to her new YouTube channel. Check her out (and try to keep the drool off your keyboard):

She shaved the side of her head! It looks so cute but I know some of ya'll are weeping over that hair LOL!

Here's her fotki for more pictures

Here’s her first video and you can click here for her channel. I hope it’s going to be a wonderful resource and source of inspiration!



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  • Laquita

    OMG!! Okay I was on the way to the restroom, but I had to watch her update! You didn’t lie about the drool either – She as well as her hair are beautiful :o) Thanks for sharing!

    Okay more protective styles and pampering – here I come! Of course, when you feature someone with a cute short style I will want that too – lol

  • roz

    I have seen random pics of her on hair boards and such for a while and always wondered who had that GORGEOUS head of hair! Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to check out her youtube channel. She is one of my hair inspirations!

  • Ash

    Her hair is gorgeous! Such an inspiration

  • Alice

    Wow….I think I’ve added someone else to my list of hair inspirations!

    Alice in Nappyland

  • FindingMe

    WOW! I have no words for how beautiful her hair is….Just wow!

  • K Mac

    I love her hair. I will definitely be subscribing to her YT channel. I was wondering if she wears protective styles a lot…also if she get tangles when wearing her hair out. I tried that when I had a TWA for about a week…then I was crying because I had to detangle forever, lol! Thanks for the article, K Curly!

  • Shannon

    WOW!! that was/is AMAZING short of her BC going from looooong to long. I feel motivated! And where can I find those tshirts of hers?

  • kcurly

    Shannon, check out the Business Owner interview I linked to.

  • kcurly

    K Mac, she mostly wears twist/twist outs, so you could say she does protective style. Check out that old interview, she mentioned her regimen.

  • k

    OMG I love her hair I have her as a friend on my fotki and I saw some features with her on other blogs as well! love her hair!

  • Paige Gersten

    I love her hair. I wish my hair was like that, unfortunately I have thin and weak strands that’s why I don’t style them or put anything that will cause any breakage. I’m afraid because I also have hair fall.

  • Dae’

    Wow I am sooo inspired by this video, her hair is amazing. I am starting my natural journey TOMORROW : ) and this has made me soo much more confortable with it.

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