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by kcurly on June 29, 2011

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Enter a comment below if you’d like a chance to win this shampoo and conditioner (8oz). Tell me something interesting about yourself! It can be anything (nothin’ freaky, plz)! Read the disclaimer section before entering. Giveaway will end tomorrow at noon CST. New thing: MUST BE A CURRENT FOLLOWER, no new followers may enter this contest.



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  • Faith

    When I was a kid, every day in the afterschool program at the park~ Me and some other kids kept up what we called “The Squirrel Cafe”…lol

    As the chef’s of TSC, every recess we were charged with duty of gathering fallen acorns from the surrounding trees, shelling them, breaking them into peicee, localizing them on the wooden beams that held the sand box on the playground, and lining them neatly with pebbles from the unpaved walkway.

    we’d done stranger things.

  • Journee Kapri

    I have been following you since the start of my hair journey which was 3 years ago! You are my hair inspiration!

  • Brandy

    I will be 30 this year and I’ve learned to do lots of things, except one, I can not ride a bike. My son will be 7 next month and getting a new bike maybe he could teach me.

  • Ruth

    I’m a subscriber – and I’m not sure if you consider that being a follower – but I’ll go ahead anyway.

    Even as a child, I have never cared for the jolly rotund fellow known as Santa Claus – and I was relieved to find out that he wasn’t real. He seemed to have a certain fondness for children who lived in snowy places where houses had chimneys, and we have neither snow nor chimneys in my neck of the woods. I thought he was a prejudiced little imp. Over the years, I matured – thankfully – and I no longer feel the calling to be the ‘resident Scrooge’. I can still breathe… in a relaxed fashion… when December rolls in. ;)

    (By the way, your disclaimer does not cover whether my geographical location matters.)

  • Shones

    Nine years ago today, June 29, my husband and I married. We’re celebrating our anniversary tonight with dinner at a local French restaurant in a frou-frou part of town. :)

  • Ki

    June, 24,2011 marked my 7th month of being all natural. This is my second time around and I’m never looking back!!!!! This website is my inspiration! I LOVE it!

  • Carmesha

    I’ve taken swim & dance lessons & I still cannot dance or swim at all lol

  • Kathryn

    I just recently graduated from college, and, surprisingly, I am not enjoying having so much free time.

  • intelligentbeauty

    I am a SUPER coupon diva. Not extreme. But SUPER! (There is a difference…lol.) I love to save money on EVERYTHING!!!! LOL
    I have cut my family’s grocery budget from $400 per month to maybe $100;-)

  • LaTia

    I have uncontrollable laughter. If something really tickles me I cannot stop laughing for at least 30 minutes. My friends look at me crazy but I really can’t help it. Even when I start to calm down and wipe my eyes, if they look at me a certain way it cranks right back up!

  • Tawana

    I will be a mommy soon! I started the adoption process 8 months ago & I’m now waiting on the selection process. :) I’m approaching 6 months of being natural & loving it! Love your website too!

  • Avalon

    On June 15 it was my big chopiversary! (That’s what I call it lol)

  • Kenya

    I have inspired almost half of my family to go natural. I was extremely excited!! Not only that, but there has been a movement on my campus with several ladies who have decided to go natural. I have gotten stopped on the way to class several days with big chop stories!! I am so happy that I was somehow a motivator for others to go natural because I have loved it since day one!

  • Davina

    Hello! Tomorrow (July 1st) is my 4th year of being natural. I’ve been natural 2 times before, but the 3rd time’s the charm. I am NOT going back! Thanks! Davina

  • Shelia

    I am the second of 10 children. I am the only natural in my family. My oldest sister doesn’t like my hair at all. She always trying to put a relaxer in my hair.

  • Kenyanwk

    I’ve been natural for nearly 20 years ! I just realized that while entering this contest….WOW! I say “nearly” because I had two slip ups during the 20 year span: 1) about a year long love/hate affair with the Miss Jessie’s Salon and their “Silkener,” when they were in Brooklyn and extremely overpriced! But, I was cute! Just broke as all hell!
    Then about a year later, I let a friend who is a hairdresser do the same thing they did at Miss Jessie’s. That incident was one time only and I let the chemical completely grow out.
    Now that my hair is long again – here I am with the same struggle – what to do about the knots and tangles! Plus it is hot – its summer and I’m a woman of a certain age, and prone to sweating profusly in my hair! Grrr! So, what to do, do I cut, do I braid the entire summer or do I try lil’ creamy crack w/ lots of conditioner for 5mins.? Ah, decisions, decisions!!!!!

  • Sara

    I have been so inspired by your site. It has helped me to stay natural when no one else was supporting me. A few months ago, I had a “Curly Girl” party to inspire others. We played games and gave away prizes, all having to do with caring for our hair. And, everyone present – even the kids – shared what they love most about their hair and gave any tips they had for caring for curly hair. One of the games was that everyone got a hair clip, and you could not say “kinky”, “nappy” or “frizzy” in describing your hair. If you did, you’d get your clip taken away. Of course, at the end, the person with the most clips got a prize!

  • Jeannine

    I have been natural for the past 17 years. I BC (even though then I didn’t know it had a name) in 1994. I kept a self cut TWA (again not knowing that’s what it was called) until 1997, and have just gotten trims ever since. Considering how much time has (in natural years) only recently have I created routines and paid attention to the overall health of my hair SMH.

  • Chinyere

    I am an attorney, who still manages to watch all daytime soap operas…even with 3 kids under age 4.

    I have been natural since I bc’d in 2000 but I am still learning about my hair. I go to the salon every 2 weeks in the meantime

  • Sandina

    Well, hello there. I’m a little Haitian, born and raised. I attend Syracuse University, and am studying fashion design. I’ve been thrown into the world of art, and I love it.
    In addition to a creative side, I’m kind of crazy. No crazy cookoo, but crazy haha. I like to make jokes and have fun :)

  • Carolyn

    I am a mother of a 3 year old little boy and 10 week old twin girls! On August 28th of this year, I’ll be celebrating 2 years of being natural! I cannot wait to show my girls how beautiful being natural is.

  • fran

    i am a very gentle, non-athletic person, but i played one year of club rugby in college to try to get in shape! (they promised they would accept anyone who tried out… sounded like the perfect team for me!)

  • Leni

    I’ve been natural for most of my life and I’m just now grasping how to care for my hair.

    Already a GFC follower and email subscriber

  • Athena Lester

    I m a self proclaim Fashionista. But very down to earth, putting together combinations that are very unique. When I look at other social networks, I still feel disconnected. So i still in process of figuring out what type of audience I would appeal too and still remain reachable. Thanks for your site and keeping informed about products, since its been 1 month and 9 days. Thanks “please enter me in product giveaway”

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