Solange…Braided Pompadour!

by kcurly on July 25, 2011

in Braids,Celebrity Junk,Updos

There aren’t a whole lot of celebs out there that really march to the beat of their own drummers, but I love her style. I can’t necessarily say I would wear this style, but I still think it’s too cute. Her romper is lovely too!

Check out the interview and more pictures here.



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  • kisha

    i already know i’d topple over :7 u know how heavy them braids are…and to style em to the FRONT of ur head. i know those 2 little braids at her temples were screaming “geranimooooo” lol

  • kcurly

    LOL kisha! I was thinking more along the lines that she was gonna get whiplash if she had to turn around suddenly, but that geranimo comment is too funny!

  • monniej

    i love solange. she just does her own thing! so cool.

  • Jasmin

    Solanges look is awesome she has inspired me to continue on my natural hair journey….she always looks great with her natural hair styles…..

  • Naomi

    Does anyone know how to do this hairstyle?? I just got braids like that, and I REALLY like her style.

  • Sun Yung

    Just stood next to Prince Harry wearing a duck hat here in the backstage bar at

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