Minus417 Giveaway! Nail Gift Set!

by kcurly on September 11, 2011

in Give-a-ways

To enter to win this Minus417 gift set, comment below. Make your comment the most random thing you can think of, just for fun. I will pick the winners randomly (of course) using Random.org. All entries must be in by 7pm CST this evening. Check out the disclaimer section before entering. 

Here’s more info about the giveaway:


  • ·  Nail buffer
  • ·  Nail file
  • ·  Cuticle oil (30 ml.)
  • ·  hand moisturizer (50 ml.)
  • ·  foot nourishing cream (50 ml.)



  • ·  Prevents dryness
  • ·  Nourishes your skin
  • ·  Maintains moisture levels
  • ·  Effective for All Skin Types



  • ·  A relaxing and refreshing cream enriched with moisturizer, for softening dry and cracked soles.
  • ·  Helps relieve dryness.
  • ·  Leaves your feet feeling fresh and prevents unpleasant odors.
  • ·  Nourishes your skin
  • ·  Maintains moisture levels
  • ·  Effective for All Skin Types

Retail Price: $39.48

 What is the uniqueness of the Vitamin Mineral Complex?

  •   Maintains the natural humidity of the skin by improving the mineral balance of the cells.
  •   Strengthens the natural protection of the skin.
  •  Delays skin aging by regenerating new skin cells.
  •  Improves body, face, skin texture, hair and scalp.
  •  Eases rheumatic pain in muscles and bones.
  •  Detoxifies, cleans skin thoroughly.
  •  Anti Allergen and suitable for sensitive skin care.
  •  Increases cell metabolism and activates enzymes.



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  • Ollie Moss

    Have safe and happy Sunday Day!!!!!!!!!

    Ollie M.


  • http://nourlatall.com Chrissy M.

    Most random thing : cocoa puffs and rice crispies….mmmmm breakfast.

  • http://nourlatall.com Chrissy M.

    cocoa puffs!

  • Siobhan

    Really cool! What work day last night!

  • Heather!

    I am imagining a spider dancing to the Village People, spelling out the letters ‘Y-M-C-A’ all at the same time. I’d really like to see that.


    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  • Rica

    My grass needs cutting:(

  • Leni

    Do the dishes.


  • Y. Kya

    I love shades of pink.

  • tianna

    Ever wanted to jump on the table in the middle of a meeting and start dancing and singing? I do. All the time.

  • JLC

    Skittles and funerals. You remember right?

  • DJ

    Running uphill is hard.

  • PurpleDawn

    Today I will be awesome!

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  • http://hotcoca75@twitter.com shanda

    Pink is my passion of wild romance to my Boyfriend!!!!

  • Tacicia

    I love cheese puffs!

  • angel

    santa clause!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asia

    I am going to go without glasses tomorrow so that I can pretend I’m the only person in the world.

  • http://newlynatural.com kcurly

    Contest closed :)

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