Here are some things I absolutely can’t stand at work. First, hair flopping in my eyes. An errant piece of hair can be the most annoying thing on the planet. I have even gone so far as to borrow a paperclip to try and keep the hair out of eye.

Second annoying thing at work: Hair on my shoulders falling into patient beds. No matter how clean my hair is, it’s unacceptable for it to fall into the beds of my tiny patients with their fragile immune systems. To remedy this in the past, I have used a rubber band from the front office.

When I started dipping into the office supplies a little too much, I decided that it was about time I started carrying some backup.

Ouchless bands and headbands These are great for pulling the hair back into a puff (the remedy for any natural hair disaster) or just pulling it back from the face.

Bobby pins To tame that little piece of hair that always sticks up on the side of your head. Or that piece of hair that refuses to stay out of your eye. Oooor maybe you are not feeling today’s braidout and want to make a quick but stylish updo.

Spritz bottle Over the past, I’ve put all sorts of liquid in my mini spritz bottle. During the dryer months, I’ve used a leave in liquid conditioner to remoisturize on the spot. Right now, I have plain water with a few drops of lavender oil. Lavender (along with tea tree oil and rosemary) and water make a nice spritz post-exercise to refresh the hair.

Scarf  Maybe your ouchless headbands aren’t doing the job and you need a bit more backup. A scarf, for me, is a must have. Sometimes it’s not even a matter of needing to fix a hair problem. Sometimes, I just want to accessorize and didn’t have time before I left the house. I usually carry a black colored scarf for simplicity sake.

Gel With the loss of my edges due to post partum shedding, I find gel to be more useful than I have in the past. Until my “nubs” grow back completely, a little gel is helpful in smoothing back the flyaway poofs.

Moisturizer The pink bottle contains a creamy moisturizer. I don’t use this much but I do keep it on hand. I also use it when I run out of lotion for my skin.

Trimming Shears Yes. It’s that serious, folks. I’ve spent too many days examining the same split end over and over. If I see one, I want to trim that sucker. Overboard? Maybe. Genius? Definitely!


So there you have it. The only thing I’m lacking is a rain bonnet. Although I rarely run for the rain, there are times when I still don’t want to get my hair wet.

Do you have an emergency hair bag? What “supplies” do you carry with you at all times?



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  • Michelle @Radiant Brown Beauty

    I love this list. I’d add to a Goody Flex Barrette and a satin scrunchy. Now if I could only clean out my bag and store the stuff properly!

  • Heather!

    When all else fails, I turn to the newsboy cap I keep in my car! Not only do I love it, but it’s great to have on hand should I get caught in the rain or have some other major hair emergency. All my hair fits inside it if I really want to hide my hair, too! Sure, it’s too casual for meetings or other ‘important’ work days, but if I’m doing paperwork or project development on my own, I can get away with it. I actually deliberately wear it when I am in ‘creative mode’ because I feel it helps me think! (It’s my thinking cap…LOL!)

  • kcurly

    Heather, you are cracking me up!! Thinking cap, I love it!!

  • Novella L.


  • Simone

    Do bobby pins and ouchless headbands left in my car from the day before count? What a brilliant idea! I’ll be creating one for next school year.

  • Veggie210

    Since my hair is still short (I stopped cutting it since the end of December), I really don’t need an ‘emergency bag”, but I do carry JANE CARTER SOLUTIONS Nourish and Shine. After I exercise, sometimes my hair looks dry (sweat creates salt which pulls the moisture out…I know we all know that, right, LOL). I put some of this in my hair and i’m back in business!

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