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Bantu Knots

I took the knots out yesterday. It was very interesting to hear the reactions from people at work before I took them out. One person called them “Cinnamon Rolls”, someone said my hair was “all balled up”, I got double takes quite often (LOL!) and my knots got a friendly tap here and there all day. I think people at work sometimes get a kick out of my hair and that’s fine with me as long as it’s in a friendly way. I’ve never seen Bantu knots in person before, so I’m happy to bring the style to work with me.

Bantu knots will definitly be a repeat style for me. I love them! Anyway, on to the knot out.






I liked it. It didn’t quite turn out as uniform as I expected, but I liked it and it got a lot of compliments (even from DH!). When I originally took the knots out, they were very shrunken, which I was expecting. I twisted my hair right after removing the knots, applied some KBB Super Silky, and tied it down with a scarf. The big twists really help to stretch the hair out but retain the knot out pattern.


The back

Getting ready for bed...please don't laugh!

Getting ready for bed...please don't laugh!

I also wore it back with just the bang part peeking out some.

dsc04654That’s about it! Swimming is to re-commence in the next few days so I have to say goodbye to my knot out soon!


Bantu Knots Take 2 (or is it 3?)

by kcurly on June 11, 2009

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I had planned to part diligently when doing these knots, but I hate parting my hair. I suppose that’s why I always end up fingerparting. I fingerparted for the most part with some comb parts. I think these turned out rather well. not exactly what I pictured and I think I can improve on them for next time, but not bad.

After DCing with AOWC, I used KBB hair milk and KBB super silky on each section. I combed each section with my Denman brush and then twisted them into a knot. I can’t wait to see how the knot out will turn out and I’m debating whether to wear it like this to work or not.

I like this style for the summer because, as I’ve said before, I hate hair on my neck when it’s hot and humid (which is most of the year where I live). It’s also a great protective style: My ends are tucked in nicely and protected. . It also did not take long to do this compared to doing my twists. It took a little while to get used to, but I think I might be falling in love !






Knot out of these incoming Sunday!


This did not go that well. I know what I did wrong and I knew that it wouldn’t turn out all that great.

After my last swim session, I just wore my hair out with some leave in conditioner. I decided to do some bantu knots, wear it one day and then wear the knot out for the weekend. I decided to do it on dry hair . Bad idea. Why?

1. I made it a unofficial rule never to style dry hair unless it’s been stretched in some way. When I do my twist on dry hair, my hair is always banded. I don’t like flashbacks of sitting between my grandmother’s knees with her pulling and tugging at my hair while I cry.

2. Because of the difficulty dealing with the dry hair, I gave up on straight parts, which I feel is intergral to bantu knots.

3. I made them way too big. I know a lot of twist out tutorials always suggest bigger twists, etc, but this does not always turn out that great on me. Smaller is better for me.

4. Wet hair would have made it less frizzy and made the ends curl up more.

So, now that I’ve learned that lesson, here is what I did: I parted as best I could my hair and spritzed liberally with the kindle spritz followed by Qhemet Burdock Root Cream. I did the twirl bantu knots ( you know, you just kind of coil it and then wrap it around itself). I was surprised that I didn’t need hair pins to hold it down. It just stayed as is.

Once I took them all down I realized what a disaster things were, so put it back in the old reliable messy bun. Nothing I can do but try again. I do have to say my hair is nice and moisturized.