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Big Chop

Email from Ashley:

Hi kcurly, Im ashley (age 18) and I am thrilled to be going natural. The problem is, I dont know what protective styles to use because I’m sooo self conscious about my forehead! It may sound a bit miniscule to you or even absurd but my forehead is what’s holding me back from embracing the true look of my natural hair. Do you have any suggestions??

Through my research, most of the styles I’ve seen have the forehead exposed…and that really scares me. Perhaps the solution is to just get over it, and embrace my forehead…lol. Please help. So far, I’ve been using Carols Daughters hair products and Cantu Shea Butter products. Attached is a picture of how I’ve been wearing my hair.

p.s. I didnt do the big chop, my relaxed hair was cut into a short style.


Yes, ma’am, you have the solution.
Embrace your face. People get mad when I say that, but your forehead is a part of your face. I did a post on loving your forehead awhile back:
What do I see in this picture? A beautiful young woman. I don’t see a conehead forehead :) It’s funny how we try to hide behind hair. Hair should be something that frames our face, not hides it.



Hi KCurly!

You should definitely check this out! It’s a short film created by Steven Russell focused around my ‘Big Chop’. It’s absolutely amazing and I hope you think it is too. It would be great if you featured it on your website. The film also features a poem paying homage to natural hair written by Steven.



Thanks for sharing Christa!  I loved the video and I love your fro! Congrats!

(FYI ,there is a tad bit of cussing in the video for anyone that might be at work or around kids)


Email from Chana:

Hi Kcurly,

I have been natural for about a year now, and I wear a wash and go everyday, b/c I have no clue how to do anything else, and I love my curl pattern so I’m scared I will disturb it.  I know it probably sounds crazy, but I’m new to this.  My regimen includes co-washing with Tresemme Naturals avocado conditioner, leave in is Oyin honey hemp, moisturizer Ohm sweet hair pudding, and styler KCCC.  I was using Afroveda, but I saw the price hike, and I won’t be purchasing anytime soon!  I am finishing my first year of nursing school, and being natural is great, but I feel like I’m not doing enough for my hair? I have attached some pics ( i did not put anything on my hair today, and it has not been washed in 2wks :( ), I would greatly appreciate any suggestions…Thanks sooooooooooo much!



Your hair is beautiful girl. Love the color too :)

Questions for you: Does your hair feel healthy to you? Are you happy with it? Does wearing wash n go’s  fit into your lifestyle?

If the answer to all of these is “yes” then I wouldn’t change a thing. You are in nursing school, also known (officially) as the depths of Hell. Whatever is easiest for you is what I would stick to (unless you’re looking for a change).

As for damaging your curl pattern, the only things that are likely to do that are chemicals and heat damage. As your hair gets longer sometimes the pattern changes because of the weight of the hair. Styles such as twists, braids, twist outs, etc are not going to change your pattern.

If wash n go’s are what your hair likes, it’s thriving, and you like wearing them, then I say stick with them. I personally can not do a lot of wash n go’s because I experience knots and dryness but everyone is different. You seem to have a solid routine that works for you. If you want to change things up without trying a different style, you can always sport some new hair accessories. If you’d like to try some new styles, the only thing I can suggest is to pick a style, view a tutorial and  get to practicing!  :)

Email from Lucy:

Hello Kcurly,

I just stumbled on your blog today whilst researching what to do now I’ve done the big chop. to read about it pls click here:

I love your blog! I researched and everything but I still feel like I haven’t gotten a hang of a regime. I know to give myself time as I only bc on Sunday! But going to work everyday especially here in the UK with our stupid Wintery weather, I don’t think it is smart to wash & go everyday but I don’t know what to do to revive me mashed up hair. Do you think spritzing it with water or a leave-in will help?

I also wanted to ask about your life as a SAHM, I’m intending on staying home when my lil bean is born & would like some advice/tips on motherhood in general?

Thank you so much,

Lucy aka princesspoet!

Heya Lucy. Congrats on your BC!

I hate having a wet head in the winter too, so I can’t blame you for not wanting to do wash n go’s everyday. A spritz or leave in is definitely an option. It’s something you may have to play around with. I find that applying your product, scrunching it in very well, and then shaking the hair out helps to refresh the hair.

However I’d probably go for a protective style. I don’t know how much hair you will have, but some fingercoils or twists would eliminate the need for frequent washing.

As for the mothering thing, it’s something I’m still really learning. I will tell you this: Two is a lot different than one! You will have a lot of people telling you how to raise your child, but remember that the only “right” way is the way that you feel in your heart is right. I do listen to advice, research the subject, and then make my decisions.  I breastfeed, I cloth diaper, I more than likely will homeschool, so I know about getting flack for parenting styles.

My general pieces of advice are to get as much rest as you can, try to get some “me” time in, try not to go crazy, try not to kill the baby’s father…and love every minute of it :)

Email from Sandra:

Hi Kcurly,

I went to the hairdresser last night for the big chop and she said no.  That she thought I would not like it.  So here I am today searching for more reinforcement.  I believe I am ready.  I have about 2 inches of new growth but just wanted it shaved down.  She was like my edges are extremely thin and it would not be a good look.  What do you think?  Please give me your opinion.  I was thinking once I get down to the hair on my scalp I could see and take care of my edges and scalp better.

I am ready but she made me feel like I would look crazy.


She said no??! I’m really stumped over why these stylists are refusing to do a service that they are paid to perform. I suppose some of them feel that a drastic cut will devastate the client and they would rather not deal with a potential problem. Oh well…

Onto your question…I don’t tell people to chop, but if it were me, I would BC. Your edges are going to be thin either way. (By the way, are your edges really that thin or was this just her excuse?) I suppose she means that the advantage of not chopping would be that you could hide your edges with the rest of your hair? That is true, but if I were feeling that self conscious about thin edges, I’d get a few silk or satin scarves to rock while my edges grew in. Or I would just rock it and tell anyone who made a comment they could go kick rocks :)

It’s not really important what I (or the stylist) thinks though, it’s all about you. Please let me know what you decide :)