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Meet the PuffCuff.

From the website:

The PuffCuff Hair Clamp (PC) was developed from a simple idea: Create a tool that not only makes it easy to achieve stylish looks without stressing your hair, but that is sanitary, durable and affordable. So, what does that look like? All the models you see here are everyday people with various hair types wearing the PuffCuff.


Let’s face it. Most accessories are for straight hair. Unlike coily hair, straight hair only comes in one type: straight. After years of searching for an accessory to accommodate thick textured hair, we created PuffCuff. It works with every type of coily hair, from kinky to curly, to help you create many beautiful hairstyles without cinching your hair to the smallest point of resistance and damaging it. Sound special? It is. You won’t find PuffCuff at your local big box store. This one-of-a-kind clamp is only available here and on

It’s a very neat idea and definitely something that will appeal to a lot of people.  I’m not big into puffs these days but I’d still like to try it out! It basically looks like banana clip but round. Don’t act like you don’t remember banana clips, that was my go to accessory back in my high school relaxed-hair days.

Bonus: You can buy it with Amazon Prime. The price tag is 12 bucks. It’s available in several different sizes.

The questions I have are:

  • How sturdy is it?
  • How does it work on short hair?
  • Are the little teeth that hold the hair damaging?
  • How tight will it be?
  • Video:


Here are some affordable hair accessory finds on Amazon. My jewelry  choices these days are all very simple but I love the occasional piece of vintage, colorful jewelry. The following items are all on Amazon with free shipping and cost under 3 bucks. I can’t wait to receive mine! Obviously these clips won’t be able to hold up thick hair but they are nice adornments for certain occasions.


I’m in love with this World Pride Lovely Vintage Jewelry Crystal Peacock Hair Clip. It’s $0.91 with free shipping on Amazon!


Another peacock clip: Lovely Vintage Jewelry Crystal Peacock Hair Clips Hairpins C- for hair clip Beauty Tools: $1.86

Vintage Bling Phoenix Wing Angel Beads HairBand Hoop Claw Handmade Headband for Women :$1.48

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Hey ladies!

I’ve got a great giveaway from OSISI, a website full of unique African inspired fashion.OSISI was kind enough to let me choose an item for my lovely readers and I chose the Red and Navy Scarf by Teasch. As you can see by the pictures below, it looks great both in the hair and anywhere else!

 To enter: 

  • Show OSISI some love on Facebook by throwing them a “Like” and/or follow them on Twitter or Pinterest. Come back here and let me know what you did.
  • Only current subscribers or Newly Natural Facebook fans may enter.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly.
  • The contest will end August 17th 2012.
  • Only one entry per person.
In honor of relaunching their website, OSISI is offering a 15% discount to all customers from today until Sunday! Use the promo code DOORSOPEN!

From the OSISI website:

OSISI is an independent fashion company focused on African-inspired designs. Our customers have the opportunity to buy and wear beautifully-crafted pieces made by top designers from Nigeria, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Uganda, and the US. We offer women’s dresses, tops, pants, jackets, jewelry, handbags, skirts, and men’s shirts.

As one of the few African fashion retailers online, OSISI prides itself on culture, quality, and service. We hope to contribute to the sustainability of the African fashion market by raising the profile of our partner-designers. We also aim to promote cultural interaction through fashion, and encourage people of all backgrounds to buy and wear our pieces. Most importantly, OSISI strives to provide our customers with impeccable service and a fantastic online shopping experience.