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Curls by Sister Smith

Company Name: Curls by Sister Smith

Product Name: Fabulous Body Butter

Price: $6.50 8 0z

Consistency: Extremely thick

Scent: Many to choose from

Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe butter, coconut oil, water, castor oil, Hydrovance

Purchase from: Curls by Sister Smith


I’ve been using this butter lately for my winter-abused skin. It’s the type of moisturizer you can just slather on and it makes my itchy/ashy skin feel so much better.

When I describe the consistency as thick, I mean Noxema thick. So it takes awhile to sink in. I ordered the peppermint scent and it was very light and disappeared a few hours after I applied it.


Quick Fix Spritz

by kcurly on December 4, 2008

in Curls by Sister Smith,Product Reviews

Name of product: Quick Fix Spritz

Company name: Curls by Sisters Smith

Retail Price: 12 oz spray bottle-7.75, 12 oz (refill)-6.75

Consistency: liquid, oily substance rises to the top

Scent: Available in many different scent, I ordered the brown sugar

Color:Slight yellow tint

Ingredients: water, glycerin, aloe, almond-infused castor oil, cetyl alcohol, cetrimonium bromide, hydrolyzed keratin, polymethocy bicyclic oxadolidine, methylparaben, propylparaben, citric acid

Purchased from: Curls by Sister Smith


I really, really tried to like this stuff. I was in love with the Wet Set Pudding (WSP) so I expected this to be good as well. It was not.

The quick fix spritz can be used, according to the website, as either a leave in, 2nd day refresher, or a finishing spray. I tried it as all 3 and it bombed. I knew it wouldn’t work as a leave in for me because my hair does not respond well to liquid leave ins. It did not seem to soak into my hair and it was hard to distribute. Once I applied the WSP, I could tell the difference from this application and the first time I used it (with a creamy leave in).

I’m not often good at getting second day hair, unless it’s put in a puff, so perhaps I’m not the best judge of the Quick Fix Spritz as a refresher, but it did nothing to refresh my curls the next day. My hair just felted coated (in a bad way) and gunky.

Also, on top of everything, this product contains parabens.

I hated to give this a bad review, but I just plain did not like it. But I’ll still stick by the WSP.

Will I buy this again? No.


Name of product: DEEEEEEP! Conditioner

Company name: Curls by Sisters Smith

Retail Price: 8 oz -3.50

Consistency:milky, but a bit thicker

Scent: Available in many different scent, I ordered the unscented

Color: White

Ingredients:conditioner base, olive-infused coconut milk

Purchased from:


I am currently on the prowl for a good deep conditioners with fairly natural ingredients. I was hoping this would be my answer considering how much I love the wet set pudding from this line. I hate to say this, but it really did nothing for me.

The first time I tried it was for an hour. The second time I thought maybe I should leave it in longer and did about 4-5 hours and still the same results. The product itself was a little hard to evenly distribute because of how runny it was compared to most DCs that I’ve used. I personally prefer creamy products when it comes to conditioners.

Though it did offer moisture, it did very little for me in the way of detangling and slippage.

My hair and I usually don’t get along with coconut milk, so maybe that’s the problem. So maybe someone who likes coconut milk would feel differently. At any rate, it’s worth a try as the price is very reasonable.

Will I buy this again: Nope!