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Teens and Natural Hair

Hey hey Aysia! Looking good, loving it!!

My Name Is Aysia, 

I’m 15. This Is My 7 month Natural And Unfortunately My Hair Isn’t Longer…  Bad Encounter With A Dominican Salon :/.

Found Out The Hard Way That My Hair Isn’t Like Theirs.

No Transitioning For Me, I Did The Big Chop! & It Was Love At First Sight

I’m An Absolute Product Junkie But My Staple Products Are Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1, Mizani True Textures, Tea Tree Oil, & Argon Oil.

When I First Went Natural I Was Comparing My Hair To Other Natural Curly Haired Girls And Started To Feel Ugly And Just Wanted My Hair To Grow. But I Soon Realized To Embrace What God Gave Me. I Love That My Hair Is So Soft & Thick, But At The Same Time Manageable.

My Hair Has Helped Me To Gain The Confidence I Need For College Next Year, EARLY GRADUATE!!

But Some Tips Are:

Keep Your Hair Moisturized, ALWAYS! =)

Don’t Focus So Much On Length That You Forget About Health

Try New Ideas!!!



Again, I love seeing these beautiful young ladies discovering their natural hair while on the cusp of adulthood. Helena, I love your hair and I hope you continue to discover the joys of being natural! Congrats!


How long have you been natural? How long did you transition? 

I got my last and only relaxer for 3 years ago, and I have been fully natural for two years this Christmas. At first I really didn’t think much about if i was transitioning or not.  My relaxer was failed, my hair was unhealthy and I just thought that I didn’t wanted to relax it again but I did just leave it like it was. After some time I started to care a little more about its health.

I’m bi-racial, my father is African and my mother European so I did not know much about my hair texture and how to treat it, and there are not many naturals in Denmark were I live. But I started to find blogs and websites on the internet such as Curlynikki, Newly Natural and many others were I learned about how to treat my hair and I got inspiration to try hair styles.

Now I have also started my own blog called So some months after I started learning about how to care for  my hair I chopped the straight ends off and I loved my hair! I’m so happy that I did it.

What have been your biggest obstacles to overcome?

As a teenager you always think more about what other people will say, especially when it’s something that stands out. But again I’m happy I did it. I feel like it stands out in a good way, this is me and that is cool not just to follow the crowd. And people from my school are so sweet and compliment it.

What are your favorite styles to wear?

Twist and braids out are my farvorite, together with pinned-up up dos. The first year I wore wash & go afro puffs and ponytails nearly all the time, and I also really like that.

What are your favorite products?

I have found out that i love Laveras conditioners for co-washing and dc’ing. My favorite leave in conditioners are Kinky-Curly Knot Today and Komaza Califa Leave-in. My favorite styling products are Kinky-Curly Curling Custard, Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding, Aloe vera gel and Bee Mine Curly Butter. For sealing, I just use  what oil or butter I now have on hand and I really like both coconut oil, jojoba oil, Komaza Moku Oil and shea butter.

Any advice for the newly natural ladies out there?

I dont think that there is really a “miracle” product, but good routine with gentle care, deep treating, moisture/sealing, natural ingredients and patience is a good way to growing healthy hair. Also natural hair comes in all lengths, colors, curl types and textures and that is so unique – natural hair rocks! :)

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Hi Kcurly! I stumbled upon your website, and it’s giving me even more encouragment to go natural. But I have a question. Is it ok to roller set my hair while tranistioning and then dry it with a hooded dryer, or would that change the texture of my hair? I’m wondering if the constant heat would make the natural hair straight over time as it grows out. (I didn’t want to do the big chop until a year or so of growing it out.) Thanks for your help, and I love your website!




Thanks for the email. If you’re going to use heat, doing a rollerset and sitting under a dryer is better than using direct heat such as a flat iron. There is also not a bunch of manipulation. However, it is still heat and therefore still has the potential to damage. Think about it, some of those hooded dryers get pretty hot and the rollers can burn your hand when you touch them.

Always use a heat protectant and try to use a “low” setting. You may even want to just sit under the dryer for about half the time you normally would and then let it air dry the rest of the way. Or you could just air dry completely.

Now, having said all that, some ladies can use high amounts of heat without damage. Though I personally would not risk it.

Thanks for reading


I was reading your review on Bee Mine Deep Conditioner. I love that stuff. I was wondering if it could be used daily and if you do regular conditioner first THEN deep conditioner, or just one or the other.

Melissa, I wouldn’t use a regular conditioner before I used a DC. I like to use a DC on relatively clean hair, whether it be freshly rinsed or shampoo’d because I feel it absorbs the moisture better.

As for using it daily…that would probably be too much for me. Not to mention too much money ;) However, that’s not to say that you can’t do it. Just be sure your hair is not getting overly moisturized. You will know it’s too moisturized when it feels mushy.

The best thing you can do is experiment. Just because it doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you!

Take care

Hi, my name is Stephanie. I’m 14 years old and have recently decided to go natural after realizing how beautiful natural hair is and how unhappy I am with my relaxed hair. I’ve been going at it for a little over a month now & it is truly a trial and error process finding the right products for my hair. Its been quite fustrating and aggravating. Honestly if it was up to me, I’d chop it all off right now. For the fact that I know how quickly society will judge me, I’ll be getting trims until it’s all gone. I’m just not comfortable yet rockin a TWA. Its times like this I wish I was older, but anywho.

I came across your blog by liking some facebook natural hair groups & they’ve been a lot of help. I saw the article you had on Teens going natural and enjoyed reading about people going through similar things like me. I also realized that I have no transitioning friends and barely any that are natural. I think it would be really good to have a natural teen group or somethin. If you know any of their emails or contact info I would much appreciate you giving it to me because I’d love to not have to just go through this experience alone. Have a blessed day & keep up your blog, its amazing. God Bless


Thanks for the email. Congrats on your decision to go natural! I know high school can be a rough place in general especially when you are going against the grain. We 20 and 30 somethings think we have it rough changing our hair (and we do) but it’s a whole different animal doing it in a high school environment.

And please don’t wish you were older. Think instead about when you are older, how you will look back on these days and feel such pride that you went natural in spite of those around you.So anyway, on to your question. There are several great sources for teens out there.

Nappturality has a teen forum where you can interact with other teens going through the same thing. I like Nappturality for new naturals because there’s no straight or relaxed hair floating around to take your eye off the prize. Just remember, that they don’t allow talk of heat usage or texlaxing.There’s also a blog called Curly and Young. It’s a blog that caters to young ladies. I’ve checked it out and she’s got not only her own experiences but also features other young ladies.

Also, I am sure that there are probably some other young ladies at your school who would love to go natural but have the same fears that you have. It might be worth starting an after school group where you ladies learn and talk about natural hair. I know there are a few universities that have groups such as this.Anyway, I’m going to post this question on my blog to see if we can get some other suggestions for teen online groups.

Take care and thanks for reading!

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